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    If you are in the Eastern Township, Frelighsburg, next June 21, perhaps you will want to go to the Strawberry Moon Festival. To learn more about this delicious fruit with the Aboriginal elders. Look at the First Edition introduction video of the Strawberry Moon Festival, if you want to learn more about the invited elders:!about-us/c1f78

    Why are we doing this?
    •Share the vibrant knowledge and wisdom that is vibrant within the First Nation communities
    •Improve gardening, harvesting, agricultural and wildcrafting techniques
    •Exchange seeds
    •Foster discussion on food security, permaculture, First Nation knowledge and plant medicine
    •Eat those wonderful strawberries at the same time.

    So, get out there, buy your tickets to this most important event and don’t forget to bring a friend who would benefit from some incredible shared knowledge!

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